Hatton-De La Hoya: Match made in DreamLand

Monday, May 4, 2009

Taken from the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

"It was no Wonderland but Dreamland for Hatton, who stayed almost motionless on his back for a few minutes while being attended to by two ring physicians. He eventually got up on wobbly feet and left the ring assisted by his seconds.

As a precautionary measure, Hatton was taken to Valley Hospital, accompanied by members of his family and De La Hoya."

Apparently Hatton and De La Hoya's relationship is more than just both of them being knocked out and dominated by Manny (in De La Hoya's case it was TKO, but who cares?), and both of them being handled by Golden Boy Promotions.

Speaking of which, that quote explains a lot of things:

Well, these pics were supposedly proven fake. But a fag can dream. :P